El Rancho Loma Serena Homeowners Association

"The Ranch on the Peaceful Hill"



Ranch House Chairperson Duties & Responsibilities

  1. To make an inspection of ranch house minimally once a month.  

  2. Responsible for cleaning or repairs as needed.

  3. Responsible for supplies needed for normal operation. (ie. toilet paper, papar towels & etc.)

  4. Responsible for reporting on the use and donations generated by the Ranch House at each board meeting.

  5. Responsible for other activities as assigned by the Board of Directors.

  6. Provide input for maintenance of outside grounds & surrounding areas.

  7. Be available to assist, approve or participate in planning Association Annual Meeting as well as BBQ's, holiday parties and other Association events.

  8. To have all assets covered in the COMPONENT PLAN SUMMARY inspected for maintenance, repairs & liabilities, to provide updated data for the 'COMPONENT PLAN SUMMARY'.

  9. Responsible for planning and execution of all road upkeep.

  10. Responsible for operating within the existing budgets.

Secretary Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Take the minutes at all meetings and distribute copies to all board members. 
  1. Put a copy of the minutes in the book in the ranch house for homeowners use.  A draft copy or summary of the minutes must be made available to all members within thirty (30) days after any board meeting other than an executive session per Davis-Stirling 1363.05(d).
  1. Do quarterly newsletter.
  1. Keep a current list of all homeowners including addresses and phone numbers.  This information can be obtained from the treasurer or by going to the County in person.
  1. Keep the map in the ranch house updated when properties change hands.  The previous owner name(s) seem to come off the easiest with some spit.
  1. Send welcome letter, certificate of ownership and email request to new property owners.  We also   request that homeowner's send their E-mail address if they are satisfied with receiving association correspondence electronically.  This is an effort to lower postal costs and improve communication.
  1. Renew appropriate burn permits for the association, both from the Air Quality Board and CDF.  They reside in the caretaker's apartment.
  1. Retain a full set of keys (5) for the Ranch House, Caretaker apartment and the garage and shed.
  1. Record amendments to the Bylaws and Declaration of Restrictions with Calaveras County.
  1. Ensure the Board Meeting signs go up at each gate entrance on Sunday prior to board meeting.
  2. Provide the Webmaster with a copy of all meeting minutes and other updates to be put on the ERLSHOA website.


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